Extra Virgin oil

Litres made each year from 1.000 to 1.500

Type of oil : Olive-press 39%, Leccino 60%, Moraioli 10%

Date of picking: November

Type/Time of picking: Invaiatura

Typology of ground: Pliocenica, yellow sand

Age of olive grove : around 20 years

Altitude : 280/300 sml

Raising : “Vaso” or “Alberello”

Sixth plant : 6x6

Picking method = By hand with frangiatura every 24/46 hours.

Ylied on litre every 12/15 minutes

Number of olive trees addressed to the production of oil : 1.200

Method of “frangitura” : in cold and not filtered

Containers of preservation: Steel tank of 5 quintal.